"Enriching The Lives Of Childern & Adults Since 1984"

Manchester, NH


It’s not only kicking and punching! Manchester NH Karate Studio uses martial arts to teach the principles of respect, self-discipline, and perseverance. As kids learn and better themselves in karate they become more confident and transform to the FUTURE leaders of tomorrow.

Kid’s Karate Classes in Manchester NH

If you are looking for your child to learn how to defend themselves, become more confident, and stay in shape at the same time, look no further. Manchester Karate Studio in Manchester, NH is a school that combines the philosophy of Martial Arts with a new age approach to give kids the confidence and principles they need to be successful.

Kid's learn a variety of benefits, including:

Motor skills and muscle memory

Confidence in themselves

Respect for others

Learn to say “NO” to negative peer pressure

How to overcome challenges

Rock Solid Goal Setting

Developing Black Belt Principals

In all of our Karate Classes kids learn a mix of kenpo karate where kids learn to defend themselves, but feel like a action movie star doing it! As our students learn to better themselves physically they begin to gain confidence, perseverance and other Black Belt Principals which translate into other aspects of life.

In addition, parents love how we take the belt system and martial arts philosophies and relate them to the child’s life. Children are taught the karate lifestyle, goal achievement, and then importance of working hard to choose success.

Learn More

Getting started is easy. Scroll down and read more about our certified world class instructors, and about the special facility for kid’s karate. You can fill out the form on the side for more information, or if your ready to get started Call the studio to set up a time for your first introductory class.

 Our Instructors

Having the right teacher who can educate your child properly and correctly is important in any learning experience. We pride ourselves at Manchester Martial Arts to offer world class instructors who are all certified in teaching kids karate the right way.

In addition, our instructors have success teaching not only kids of all ages, but also different abilities levels too. Successfully training kids with mental handicaps, as well as other disabilities we have much success in using martial arts as a vehicle to transform your child.

 Our Facility

Here at Manchester Karate we have an unparalleled state of the art facility. When you enter you will immediately notice our pro-shop area where our friendlily and kind receptionist is there for your convenience to help answer any questions you may have. Our pro-shop is fully stocked with top of the line equipment necessary for your karate kids training.

Our Karate Kids dojo is a specially designed training floor built with your child's needs in mind. From our kid friendly dojo, to our superior clean and safe zebra matting system you can rest assure that your child will be safe and is in the best martial arts learning environment possible.

At Manchester Karate we highly value parent participation. We find that when a parent is involved in their children's training experience the child succeeds and is more receptive to the Black Belt Principals and curriculum. Therefore we ask parents to actively attend their children's classes. For that reason we have a large seating area for you to watch and witness your child's progress.