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Manchester, NH


Martial Arts' whole philosophy is built upon goal setting. From White Belt to Black Belt, Families learn how to set goals together. This results in a family that can use teamwork to ACHIEVE their goals.

Family Karate in Manchester NH

Has family fun time taken a back seat to the demands of daily life? Are you in search of a new and fun activity that your whole family can enjoy—one that gets your family off the couch, away from the TV and unites you like nothing else can?

Family Karate Classes at Manchester Karate Studio will bring your family together with a renewed enthusiasm that no other activity can provide! More fun than family game night and healthier than any fancy restaurant, our Family Karate classes are a blast that everyone in your family will enjoy!

Whether you’re a family of 2 or 20, and whether your kids are in pre-school, grade school or high school, Manchester Karate Classes are great fun that’s appropriate for any age and experience level. Kids already love Karate, but when mom and dad get in on the fun, it’s a whole new experience!

 Learn a variety of benefits, including:

Moms and dads will love the energizing, body-sculpting workout

Kids will love learning all the cool Karate moves including chops, kicks and punches

Kids will develop strong character traits and leadership skills that last a lifetime

The whole family will welcome the huge stress relief that only Karate can provide

Your entire family will be happier after each class as your endorphin levels skyrocket

Karate will give your whole family critical life-saving self-defense skills

Why your family will love our family martial arts classes

When you get your family involved in the Family Karate Classes at Manchester Karate Studio, you’ll have tons of fun! Real, advanced-degree black belt Karate professionals will teach your entire family the very same exercises techniques that Karate masters have passed down to their own families for generations.

Karate classes are ideal for moms and dads who want to have more fun with their families and do something good for their kids as well as themselves. From improved fitness and reduced stress, to better concentration skills and impressive self-defense skills, you’ll love what Manchester Martial Art’s Family Karate Classes offer your family. And your kids will love the closeness they feel by having mom and dad right there on the mat with them!

Never get tired of the same old thing

Every week we have a new class planned for you. Using the goals of the class for the month we formulate our exercises, drills, and techniques for every ability level from beginner to advanced. There is always the next level to achieve and to better yourself.

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Getting started is easy. Fill out the information to the side or continue down the page and learn more about our qualified instructors, or our outstanding facility. Get started on achieving your goals today!  ("You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great!” ~ Zig Ziglar).