"Enriching The Lives Of Childern & Adults Since 1984"

Manchester, NH


Learn real self-defense that really works. Kenpo Karate is a real no-nonsense approach to defending yourself. Kenpo Karate works no matter who your opponent is. Come in and learn to defend yourself the RIGHT way.

Adult Martial Arts in Manchester, NH

Imagine how it would feel to walk into a room and feel total confidence that you could defend yourself and people you were with. Learn confidence, and get in great shape doing so!

Improved reflexes & coordination

Increased strength & stamina

Increased energy

Increased flexibility & weight control

Great cardiovascular work out keeps you in excellent shape

World Class Self Defense techniques for ANY situation!

Never get tired of the same old thing

Every week we have a new class planned for you. Using the goals of the class for the month we formulate our exercises, drills, and techniques for every ability level from beginner to advanced. There is always the next level to achieve and to better yourself.

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 Our Facility

Here at Manchester Karate Studio in Manchester, NH we have an unparalleled state of the art facility. When you enter you will immediately notice our pro-shop area where our friendlily and kind receptionist is there for your convenience to help answer any questions you may have. Our pro-shop is fully stocked with top of the line equipment necessary for your classes.

Our training floor is a specially designed training floor built with your needs in mind. From our full length wall mirrors, to our superior clean and safe zebra matting system you can train with knowledge your in the best martial arts learning environment possible.

At Manchester Karate we highly value cleanliness and safety above all else. Our equipment is top of the line and regularly checked for wear. Don't be afraid to sweat hard while your working your hardest!